About Us

With over thirty years of experience in hydraulic systems we are Ireland's go to supplier for all things hydraulic.

We are Ireland's only authorised dealer for SMP Tilt Rotators and Intermacato Tree Shears and Grabs.

Our philosophy is "Do it right every time, all of the time. It's the only way to avoid repercussions for our customers."


Our experience has taught us that safety is paramount.

We have seen the results of high presure hydraulic failures. We have the quality control procedures in place to guarantee the quality of the work we undertake.


We pride ourselves on inovation, we thrive and develop when we spot issues before they become a problem.

We are constanlty looking for any improvements we can make to existing systems.


We understand your needs and delivery schedules.

We don't quote unrealistic deadlines.

We deliver what you requested when you need it.


Our six thousand sqr/ft facillities can accomodate the largest of projects.

We maintain a stock of thousands of hydraulic fittings that can be picked at a moments notice.

With in house hose making and fabrication facillities we always deliver.

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Our Services

Tilt Rotators, Buckets & Quick-Hitches, Pallet Handling, Auxiliary Pipework Circuits, Load Holding & Check Valves, Hydraulic Circuit Design & Build, Tree Shears, Mulchers, Rotating Grabs, Height Limiters, Safe Load Indicators.

Our valued Partners and Clients